Disputes and liability claims are, unfortunately, not new to the world. While you may feel like you’re alone in your distress, it’s a good bet that someone has gone through the exact ordeal. Although this may not be altogether comforting, it can help. Come browse our collection of current events to gain insight into your case.

A Storm Is Coming…

This has been anything but a typical year, but in some ways, in the closing months, it will prove to be just like many others in the past for Florida residents, whether full-time or seasonal. We will get hit by a storm, or two, or three, or more, and Mother Nature will not be to [...]
Mediation and the Silver Lining From An Impasse  Mediation is one of the early steps on the path towards a potential settlement. A neutral individual, called a mediator, works with all parties as a discussion leader and facilitator to make the meeting more efficient (although he or she has no actual decision-making authority and no [...]

Cape Not Included

I’m sure you and your friends have sat around, wishing out loud: “If only there were someone out there who loved reading insurance policies and writing contracts.” Cue Superhero music… Well, wish no more my friends! I am here for you! Contract Man! (**Cape not included**) As a former contractor-turned-stock trader-turned attorney, I am your […]

After stalling slightly in September, home sales in Sarasota have pulled ahead of last year’s totals, signaling a prosperous home-buying season in 2015.

A Florida bartender is filing a lawsuit against the state, claiming that the inability to sell beer in “growler” jugs is hurting his small business.

Is it possible to invest in real estate that’s close to home? Find out why so many Floridians are choosing to place their retirement funds into their own homes.

A man entrusted to act as the trustee of his late friend’s estate was convicted of theft after diverting hundreds of thousands of dollars to his own accounts.