Airplane Insurance Claims

Airplane Insurance Claims

Aviation insurance can essentially be broken down into several categories.  They include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Public Liability Insurance: this is sometimes referred to as third party liability insurance which covers the owners of the aircraft for damage that their aircraft does to another persons’ property, such as buildings, houses, cars, equipment, airport facilities and other aircraft struck in a collision with the owners’ aircraft.  This type of insurance does not include coverage for damage to the insured aircraft itself or for passengers injured in the insured aircraft.  Public Liability insurance is mandatory in cmost countries and is provided in specified amounts on a per incident basis, e.g. $1,000,000 or $5,00,000 or greater.
  2. Passenger Liability Insurance: this insurance protects the passengers riding in the aircraft at the time of the accident who are injured or killed.  This types of coverage is usually mandatory only for commercial or large aircraft.  Most times, coverage is limited based upon a pre-set specified limit per passenger.
  3. Combined Single Limit Insurance: when Public Liability Insurance and Passenger Liability Insurance are combined into one policy this is generally referred to as Combined single Limit.  This type of insurance covers all types of liability claims and generally provides more flexibility in negotiating and payment of claims.
  4. Ground Risk Hull Insurance Not in Motion: this insurance provides coverage for the insured aircraft against damage when it is on the ground and not moving.  This coverage protects the aircraft against perils such as fire, theft, vandalism, flood, wind or hailstorms, animal damage, hangar collapse or for vehicles or aircraft striking the insured aircraft.  The carrier pays for the cost of the damage less any applicable deductible.
  5. Ground Risk Hull Insurance In Motion: this insurance is similar to Hull insurance not in motion but covers the situation while the aircraft is taxiing, but not while taking off or landing.  Coverage ceases at the start of the take-off roll and is in force only once the aircraft has completed its landing.
  6. In-Flight Insurance: this coverage protects an insured aircraft against damage sustained during all phases of flight and ground operation, including while parked or stored.

We can assist you in submission of your claim, working with the claims adjusters, and  negotiating a timely and fair settlement.   In the event a settlement cannot be reached, with over 37 years of trial experience, we can file suit on your behalf and litigate your claims in either state or federal court to a final judgment.

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