Hurricane Claims

If your home, association or commercial property is damaged by a hurricane, your insurance company may have a contractual obligation to indemnify you for your loss(es). Our law firm represents insureds who have suffered hurricane damage all throughout the United States.  Currently, we are working with in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, and Florida to resolve hurricane claims.  We always work on a contingent fees basis and unlike many, more expensive law firms, we often are able to match or beat the rates charged by public adjusters, who are limited in the options they have to attempt to resolve your claim.  Like public adjusters, our expert estimators and engineers are capable of determining the scope and/or amount of your loss(es) caused by a hurricane and our experienced lawyers are capable of properly analyzing your insurance policy provisions to guide you through the claims or supplemental claims process.  However, unlike public adjusters, our lawyers can represent you at Examinations Under Oath (“EUO’s”), we can competently draft and file Civil Remedies Notices (“CRN’s), and most importantly we can file a lawsuit should your insurance company breach any of its contractual obligations owed to you, the policyholder.  Make no mistake, public adjusters look to us when they cannot amicably resolve your claim and/or trigger appraisal.

In our modern world, we strongly believe in the motto “specialize or die.”  Thus, when you speak to an insurance attorney at our firm, you can trust that he or she is highly trained and qualified to help you with your claim.  Don’t settle for attorneys who are “general practitioners” or there is a good chance you might settle for less than you should be entitled to under your insurance contract.

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Hurricane Irma

Believe it or not, more than two years after a hurricane there are still thousands of unresolved claims.  What’s more, is that often times hurricane damage can be “latent” and not manifest itself immediately to the naked eye.  This is especially true when it comes to tile roof damage attributable to, among other things, wind lift.  Such damage is often difficult to identify if you are not trained as an engineer, hurricane loss consultant, and/or an expert roofer.  What’s worse is that our experience has shown us that your own insurance company will likely retain a professional engineer who will not even inspect for wind lift.  Based on these incomplete engineer inspections, you may even have your roof claim denied in full.  Don’t let this happen to you.

Furthermore, all over Southwest Florida there are numerous salesmen and other potentially unqualified and/or dishonest individuals seeking to take advantage of you in your time of need.  Don’t be fooled by a good “salesman” into signing away the rights to your insurance claim without at least speaking with a lawyer first.  Instead, call (239) 703-7210 for a  consultation with our team of insurance lawyers.

Hurricane Michael

If you suffered damage caused by Hurricane Michael, you may be eligible to receive compensation from your insurance company. We work on a contingent fee basis, which is not based on the stage of insurance claim, but which typically matches the fees charged by non-lawyer public adjusters.  Our fees are almost always more favorable than our direct competitors inside of the legal profession and our experience is of the highest caliber.

We also maintain a stable of qualified experts who will inspection your property for hurricane damage, create an Xactimate estimate of your damage for submission to your insurance company by our firm.  From there, we will attempt to negotiate your best settlement short of litigation, however, if litigation become necessary we will be prepared to file suit.

Don’t settle for less than you may be entitled; call us today at (239) 571-0457 or contact us.

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