hurricane damage claims

Commercial property owners purchase commercial property insurance to protect themselves and/or their company from hazards such as fire, water damage, wind, lightning, theft, and/or natural disasters. Commercial property insurance offers similar, but often time more complex, protections to residential property insurance that many consumers may already be at least somewhat familiar with, but in many […]

Homeowner associations (HOAs) are responsible for maintaining residential communities, from shared pools and gyms to landscaping, siding, and roofs. HOA bylaws outline which homeowner responsibilities belong to the unit owner and which belong to the association. These responsibilities can differ from community to community, but generally, when shared community space is damaged, directors of the […]

Florida is welcoming more new northern transplants than ever before, resulting in double-digit increases in both single-family home and condo/townhouse sales. Real estate professionals are pointing to the pandemic as motivation for many people living in high-taxed northern states making the move to save money and escape winter weather for good.  Single-family home sales in […]

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